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I just received this gem in the post today, it’s a 1986 first edition and is in mint condition, normal price £60 - £80.

I got it on EBay for only £10 !
Don’t you just love EBay 😜

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Meet Debra Wenlock Artist

Debra has been supplying White Star Momentos for over 5 years now and although her main body of work is in her paintings, she has produced a stunning set of Greeting Cards using six of her Titanic themed works as the images. These are currently on offer in our Autumn Genuine Sale, please email Stephen for full details.

Debra is based in Bangor Co Down and can be found most days at here 'Purple Art Pod' on the sea front. Once again we try to give you original Titanic themed items and as much as possible we stay true to our original U S P ... Gifts from the Birthplace of the Titanic.
Our Excluśive DVDs are all on sale this month , contact Stephen on 07407 144544 or

Strictly Trade Only

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Today was the final farewell to our American and Canadian Titanic guests Isabelle and Michele, they have had a fun packed three days with us and we wish them safe journey home.

One thing I must add .... When they knew they were coming here, they asked me what I would like them to bring me over .... I pondered and said ‘just bring me a Hershey bar’.

Well I have opened the gift bag tonight they left for me and not only is my Hershey bar there - but there are Six !
Plus Three beautiful stone letters WSM spelling out the company name plus Sweets and Maple Syrup and a book and a Queen Mary items and key rings and and and and lol

Thank you so much ladies, you have been very generous, I love you both and please please come back and see us again !

Finally a big thank you to the main tour guide this week Maureen McKinney who rushed back from a cruise 🚢 to be here and guide the ladies through all the Thomas Andrews sites in Co Down.

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Today launches our Autumn Sale, this is for all of our regular customers who have supported us all year, we feel it's time to give back a little to you by putting on sale the most popular items of 2018. On sale are your Postcards, Pin Badges, Greeting Cards, DVDs and even the high end item the Boxed Wisteria Spoon.

No minimum quantities folks ...fill your boots.

Contact Stephen on 07407144544

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Our fantastic Titanic Jigsaws have arrived all the way from the Netherlands ! They will be on sale from Titanic Belfast, SeaCity Southampton and most other major Titanic outlets.

Contact Stephen on 07407144544 for any new orders.

Check out our full range of Titanic and White Star Line gifts at

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Today we met our Canadian and American guests Isabelle and Michele, they are pictured here receiving some White Star Momentos Gifts as well as a special pencil drawing for Isabelle from Marlies Wielaard of The Netherlands.

Today is day one for them of an action packed 3 day Titanic Tour. Enjoy your stay ladies , oh and buy more White Star Momentos Gifts from the shop, lol. 😜
Spotted this Titanic plate on the way home today, lol. 😊
My Facebook friend Morten Rod from Norway has sent me this image of his Harland and Wolff Plaque. This one is identical to the one we own and has been mounted onto wood and edged with rope.

Very nice Morten.
Tonight was spent in the company of the Belfast Titanic Society, our speaker was none other than local Titanic author Stephen Cameron. His topic was Thomas Andrews and after giving a very interesting talk we had a very good Q&A, the questions and answers fired back and forth topped off with coffee and bickies lol

My sort of night 😜
We are looking forward to meeting our Titanic guests tomorrow - Isabelle Fontaine (Quebec, Canada) & Michele Totten (LA. America).

Your fun starts early Tuesday morning ladies !

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Finally our Harland & Wolff Plaque is installed at White Star Momentos H.Q.
MEET THE TEAM - Bill Abernethy (Photographer)

Bill is our company photographer, he has been with White Star Momentos for the past five years working on a variety of our projects. Some of those included : Titanic Belfast , The SS Nomadic, Crumlin Road Gaol and The Gobbins Visitor Centre Co Antrim.

He has won the Architectural Photographer of the year not once but twice ! So if there's a man who knows how to take a photo of a building it's Bill. We are proud to have Bill with us and know his work is outstanding.

Bills images are most definitely the higher end of our products but it is nice to offer quality as well as the lower end of the gift trade. His images on sale in Titanic Belfast and are simply stunning !

Supplying Gifts from the Birthplace of the Titanic.

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MEET THE TEAM ... Gary Devon RUA (Artist)

Born 1958, Gary studied at Goldsmiths College (London). Now based in Bangor, Co. Down he is a member of Royal Ulster Academy. Some of his Commissions include Kensington Palace for HRH Prince of Wales, “house portraits” for Diana Rigg ( actress ) and Peter Alliss ( BBC Golf Commentator ) and a 200 sq.ft. mural in North Down Heritage Centre, depicting the landscape and flora and fauna of a National Trust stretch of the North Down

Gary and White Star Momentos came together in 2012 when the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic was in full swing, he supplies us with a series of modern day Harland & Wolff paintings in print form (seen here on the right) and has been a solid supplier to us delivering a quality print double mounted with every print personally signed.

Supplying Gifts from the Birthplace of the Titanic.
We work our staff hard here, but they are happy. 😜

This will be the final time on this page that Titanic II and that pure excuse of an Aussie politician Clive Palmer will be mentioned.

He is noting but a blight on the decent Titanic community and isn’t it a strange coincidence that election season is looming ... funny that !

WHITE STAR MOMENTOS LTD do not recognise him or his fake project and will have nothing to do with it.

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Delivery day for Titanic Belfast. 😜
"Thanks Paul"

Yes the Titanic Hotel Liverpool have a wide range of our Titanic and White Star Line Gifts and Souvenirs, so wether you are a 'Day Tripper' or staying for 'Eight days a week' , if you need 'Help' to choose 'We can work it out' , so 'Act naturally' and the hotel staff will serve you 'Anytime at all'. 😜